When we envisioned our cinema, we wanted it to capture all the magic of the silver screen. From the moment you walk through the doors, you know this is a movie-going experience with a difference. The atmosphere is intimate and the screening rooms have a VIP feel. Plush velvet chairs and ambient lighting complete the scene. It’s an independent cinema with its own unique vibe. One of our ideas was to name each of our screens after a legendary leading lady, and to design each screen lounge with a distinct personality that mirrors the essence of these iconic actresses. Every leading lady has her own incomparable style and charm, and we’ve brought those characters to life in our luxury cinema. 

The Elizabeth Taylor Lounge

Midnight Blue Elegance

Our Elizabeth Taylor screen is an epitome of midnight blue richness, paying tribute to the enchanting British-born beauty’s famous violet eyes. Elizabeth Taylor graced the silver screen with her presence in numerous iconic roles, one of which was the 1954 musical romance “Rhapsody.” To capture the spirit of her timeless glamour, we chose to adorn the lounge with the aptly named Clematis ‘Rhapsody’ flower. As you step into this lounge, you’ll be enveloped in the same enchanting allure that made Elizabeth Taylor a Hollywood legend.

The Uma Thurman Lounge


Fiery Burnt Orange

For the fearless and fiery Uma Thurman, our lounge boasts a bold burnt orange look. This vibrant colour scheme is perfect for an action-packed feature film but is equally warm and inviting for a romantic comedy night out. Uma Thurman’s career has been filled with diverse leading roles, but there was no question when it came to choosing the floral decor for this lounge. The unmistakable choice was the Dahlia ‘Pulp Fiction,’ a flower that captures the essence of Uma’s dynamic onscreen presence.

The Ingrid Bergman Lounge

Deep Plum Intensity

Ingrid Bergman is most renowned for her role in the timeless Hollywood classic, “Casablanca.” Just as she smouldered on the silver screen, our Ingrid Bergman lounge exudes a deep plum intensity that is both captivating and elegant. Bergman’s starring role in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1945 thriller, “Spellbound,” inspired our choice of decor. The beautiful Cosmos ‘Spellbound’ flower graces the walls of this lounge, adding a touch of classic glamour to your movie experience.

Whichever screen you choose, be it the Elizabeth Taylor, Uma Thurman, or Ingrid Bergman Lounge, we’re confident that the inimitable style of these movie stars will make you feel right at home. We look forward to welcoming you, so you can experience the magic of cinema in our uniquely designed cinema screens.

Enjoy a VIP movie experience in our luxurious three-screen cinema.

With sofa-style seating, ambient lighting and an intimate atmosphere, we really roll out the red carpet for our guests! 

Drinks from the bar and snacks are available to accompany each screening. Just sit back, relax and enjoy our mix of new releases, old classics and live events.
The cinema can also be booked for private movie nights.

Garstang Rd, Preston
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